SatSummit 2024

Fringe Events

Happenings for the SatSummit Community.

Wednesday, May 15


  1. Large Earth Model Convening

    May. 15, 09:00am
    Development Seed

    By invitation only.


  1. Geospatial Machine Learning with Cloud Services

    May. 15, 10:00am
    Online, Element84

    This workshop (REGISTER) will focus on applying machine learning to geospatial data for computer vision applications.

    This virtual workshop provides hands-on experience with tools and scenarios to enhance participants' understanding of machine learning-based computer vision in the context of geospatial data. Participants will learn to gather and prepare relevant satellite data, define models, and execute training of the models while reviewing outputs and making necessary adjustments. The workshop emphasizes developing the training dataset and executing models at scale using AWS cloud services.

    Two scenarios will be worked: a simpler one involving Raster Vision, PyTorch, and STAC for classifying simple objects such as cars and trees, and a more complex scenario that will additionally leverage SageMaker, S3, EC2, and Batch to address the challenge of detecting sandstorms with MODIS and Sentinel-2 satellite imagery.

    This workshop is geared towards organizations and individuals working in the geospatial domain and looking to use machine learning to extract insights from satellite imagery. Whether you're a data scientist, geospatial analyst, remote sensing specialist, or a researcher interested in leveraging machine learning for geospatial applications, this workshop will equip you with practical skills and insights to tackle complex challenges in the field. Attendees of all experience levels are welcome.


  1. SatSummit Kickoff Social

    May. 15, 05:00pm
    Development Seed

    Join the community to connect socially ahead of Day 1. Beverages and light fare will be provided. RSVP is appreciated.

Thursday, May 16


  1. NASA Lifelines Earth Science Review Board

    May. 16, 12:00pm
    NASA Lifelines

    🌍 Exciting Opportunity at SatSummit for Humanitarian Organizations ! 🌟

    We are delighted to invite humanitarian funders and implementers to engage directly with our Earth Science Review Board at SatSummit. This is an exclusive chance to get expert feedback on your programs that utilize satellite data and tools.

    In-Person Review Sessions: Participate in live case reviews where you can present your projects and gain valuable insights from leading Earth scientists. Submit Your Case!

    🀝 Who Should Join?

    Humanitarian Organizations: Implementing or aspiring to implement Earth science in your programs? Submit your case to receive expert guidance to refine and enhance your projects.

    Don’t miss this unique opportunity to drive transformative change at the nexus of Earth science and humanitarian action. Join us at SatSummit and see how expert feedback can elevate your programs!

    Submit your case to the Earth Science Review Board!

Friday, May 17




  1. NASA Lifelines


  1. Element84

  2. Esri

  3. Impact Observatory

  4. United States Agency for International Development (USAID)