SatSummit 2024
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Ian Schuler

CEO at Development Seed. He/Him.


Ian is CEO of Development Seed, which builds impactful geospatial products to track and understand a changing planet. We create, analyze and share massive amounts of data; leveraging AI, cloud infrastructure, and innovative product design to analyze the earth and put insights into the pockets of decisionmakers. From our work with NASA to use AI to classify hurricanes as imagery comes off the satellite–to helping the World Bank use machine learning to rapidly map national power grids, we work for the people who work on the world’s hardest problems.

For more than two decades, Ian has built innovative technology teams and grown communities that leverage technology for social and climate impact. Ian built Internet Freedom Programs at the State Department, where his stewardship of $100 million in startup Internet freedom funding helped to grow the community of organizations advancing digital rights. Ian created one of the first global development innovation units within the National Democratic Institute, where he applied technology to improve government services and accountability in 60 countries.

On the agenda

  1. Satellite State of Play

    May. 16, 09:00am
    The Forum

    State of the Space Sector

    State of the Data

    State of Earth AI

    State of Application

    Since SatSummit last convened in 2022, we’ve seen large shifts and exciting new capabilities emerge. Constellations have emerged, and others have matured, notably in weather, SAR, hyperspectral, and GHG monitoring. Numerous Large Earth Models have been deployed, drawing on advances in Generative AI. The commercial space industry continues to work through its post-ZIRP (Zero interest-rate policy) hangover. As we witness an acceleration in climate change, our community is responding by setting new benchmarks in extreme weather monitoring and response capabilities. We are still determining how to gather the data to support new enforcement regimes designed to combat climate change.

    We will hear from individuals at the center of these movements. They will brief us on the current state of play and prospects for the future across the satellite sector, data, AI, and the application of EO data to social and climate issues.


    1. Ian Schuler


    1. Aravind Ravichandran
    2. Jed Sundwall
    3. Amy Larson, PhD
    4. Nicki McGoh

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  1. Element84

  2. Esri

  3. Impact Observatory

  4. United States Agency for International Development (USAID)