SatSummit 2024
Picture of Matthew Hansen, PhD

Matthew Hansen, PhD

Professor at University of Maryland. He/Him.


Dr. Matthew Hansen is a remote sensing scientist with a research specialization in large area land cover and land use change mapping. His research is focused on developing improved algorithms, data inputs and thematic outputs that enable the mapping of land cover change at regional, continental and global scales. His team’s research to operations products benchmark rates of global change, for example deforestation trends, expansion of crop and urban land uses, near-real time land disturbance, among other dynamics. The resulting maps are used by other scientists as inputs to biodiversity/habitat, carbon, climate and hydrological modeling studies, and by non-scientists in managing lands, for example local communities interdicting illegal encroachments. He has been a member of NASA’s MODIS Land Science Team, the NASA/USGS Landsat Science Team, and is a recipient of the Department of Interior’s William T. Pecora Award which recognizes his “contributions to remote sensing, his range of scientific insights and impacts, global products and capacity development, and mentorship.

On the agenda

  1. Urgency & Opportunity

    May. 16, 10:00am
    The Forum

    Our decisions in the next decade will crucially influence future climate scenarios, offering us the chance to define sustainable pathways for our civilization. What is this community doing to provide the data to shape those decisions?

    Discussants will provide a vision for the decade ahead. They will frame the opportunity ahead and share their insights into how we can collectively rise to meet the challenge.


    1. Laura Delgado López


    1. Kevin Murphy
    2. Nancy Colleton
    3. Matthew Hansen, PhD

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