SatSummit 2024
Picture of Ryan Abernathey, PhD

Ryan Abernathey, PhD

CEO at Earthmover. He/Him.


Ryan P. Abernathey is a scientist, startup founder, and open-source software developer. He is the CEO and co-founder of Earthmover PBC, an early stage startup on a mission to empower people to use scientific data to solve humanity's greatest challenges. He's also an Associate Professor of Earth And Environmental Science at Columbia University and Lamont Doherty Earth Observatory. In 2016 he helped found the Pangeo project, an open science community focused on big scientific data analytics and is an active contributor to open-source projects like Xarray and Zarr.

On the agenda

  1. Data in the Browser

    May. 16, 01:15pm
    The Central Hub

    Browsers and apps are the last mile for the billions of daily decisions that deserve better earth data. This rapidly developing area is benefiting from investments in gaming, AR/VR, and spatial computing. User devices can process and visualize massive geospatial data in immersive ways, unlocking entirely new use cases. Shifts to cloud computing have also put the humble browser at the forefront of scientific research. This session will explore the future of geospatial in the browser.


    1. Aimee Barciauskas


    1. Cameron Kruse
    2. Tom MacWright
    3. Ryan Abernathey, PhD
    4. Kyle Barron

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