SatSummit 2024
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Tara McGuinness

Executive Director at New Practice Lab, New America. She/Her.


Tara McGuinness is Executive Director of the New Practice Lab, a policy and product organization helping 3 million low-income families access to benefits like paid leave, child care and the earned income tax credit. She led the domestic policy team for the Biden Transition, and before that, she led President Obama’s effort to sign up millions of Americans for free and low-cost health insurance through Obamacare. She is obsessed with data, implementation and making government and institutions work for the public in the digital age. President Obama called her book, Power to the Public: the Promise of Public Interest Tech, “worth a read for anyone who cares about making change happen.

On the agenda

  1. Effective Institutions for Affecting Change

    May. 16, 01:15pm
    The Forum

    20th-century institutions were not built to create, manage, or share the data needed to cooperate on the global challenges we face in the 21st century. Both public and commercial institutions face limits in consolidating and harmonizing data at a global scale in a manner that is actionable, trustworthy, technically proficient, and durable. This panel will explore what institutions are needed to produce and maintain global data products and whether a new sort of institution is needed.


    1. Tara McGuinness


    1. Jessica Seddon
    2. Craig Mills
    3. Jed Sundwall

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