SatSummit 2024
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Tom MacWright

CTO at Val Town. He/Him.


My career has been centered around building creative tools and testing the limits of what you can build on the web. That started with Development Seed, then Mapbox, where I worked on maps, Observable, visualizations, Config, CAD and hardware, Placemark, dragged back to maps by my own insatiable interest, and now Val Town, making coding simple enough to be creative with.

On the agenda

  1. Data in the Browser

    May. 16, 01:15pm
    The Central Hub

    Browsers and apps are the last mile for the billions of daily decisions that deserve better earth data. This rapidly developing area is benefiting from investments in gaming, AR/VR, and spatial computing. User devices can process and visualize massive geospatial data in immersive ways, unlocking entirely new use cases. Shifts to cloud computing have also put the humble browser at the forefront of scientific research. This session will explore the future of geospatial in the browser.


    1. Aimee Barciauskas


    1. Cameron Kruse
    2. Tom MacWright
    3. Ryan Abernathey, PhD
    4. Kyle Barron

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  1. NASA Lifelines


  1. Element84

  2. Esri

  3. Impact Observatory

  4. United States Agency for International Development (USAID)